100% Australian fruit

No juice concentrate

No added sugar

it all began with 2 sets of brothers
and a couple of mates.

In 1973, two sets of brothers along with a couple of mates, opened a new juicing factory in Leeton, NSW. They bonded over a shared belief that taste is king and quality is everything. As a tip of the hat to the farming sons of Leeton, The Juice BrothersTM was born. We've perfected their craft and bottled the finest blends for you to enjoy.

Juice the way
juice should be

The farming sons
of Leeton

Born outta Leeton

Not all juice
is created equal

100% Australian fruit

We only use quality Australian fruit because we know quality fruit makes a quality juice.

Australian grown

Because... we use only Australian grown fruit. We don't use fruit from overseas. We support Australian growers.

of growers

We're proud of the strong relationships we have with over 100 orange growers, many of whom have been supplying us oranges for generations, and are committed to working collaboratively to ensure we create the most delicious juices possible.

skill and care

Nestled in the heart of the Riverina plains, the Leeton region is abundant with quality oranges thanks to fertile soils and year round water access. These conditions and the experience of the local orange growers, some of whom have been growing oranges for generations, create the perfect conditions to produce quality oranges.

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